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Deer Management


Management and culling of all species of Deer carried out country-wide, U.K.


·        Red Deer

·        Fallow Deer

·        Sika Deer

·        Roe Deer

·        Muntjac Deer

 DMQ Approved Witness Services

 Wild Boar


Management and culling of wild boar carried out country-wide, U.K.


Domestic Stock Culling Service


Culling of domestic stock (cattle, sheep, swine, etc.) for control of disease.

Live Capture (Darting) of Large Animals.

Live capture of large animals for Deer Management and escaped stock from Farms, Zoos, etc., carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.

Pest Control


  • Rabbits
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Moles
  • Wasps
  • Bees


Small pest control is carried out within the Central Midlands Area, by fully qualified operatons.


Hunting and Photographic Safaris


Safaris, both hunting and photographic, mainly take place in the beautiful Eastern Cape region of South Africa and are operated by Kei River Safaris, a prominent family owned outfitter, based near to East London.   Amazing topography, flora and fauna species, with the added pleasure of traditional, warm South African hospitality at our comfortable and rustic Game Lodge, will ensure the safari experience of a lifetime, where our Clients arrive as guests and leave (and return) as friends, again and again.   Other activities such as horse riding and visits to the famous Addo Elephant Park can be arranged.   Families are very welcome.


Fishing Safaris


Fishing Safaris, both sea and fresh water, take place out of East London, Eastern Cape of South Africa and are based at Kei River Safaris' Game Lodge.   Link to the Kei River Site fishing section (yet to be written)


Rifle Smith Services


Rifle Smith, Mike Norris, will be pleased to discuss all aspects of custom rifle design, load development and custom reloading.

Expert Marksmen Services

The services of our expert marksmen can be made available for jobs big and small.   All marksmen from Kingstone Deer management Services have many years experience, military and civilian and include former military snipers and champion rifle shots.

Accompanied Stalking Outings

Deerstalking in Hampshire with Jelen Deer Services.

NDUNA HUNTING SAFARIS offer a selection of fine Trophy and Management Hunting Safaris.

It might not seem obvious at first, but hunting safaris play a vital role in the conservation of every African species. With grasslands taken up by farming and the reduction of large predators, carefully controlled hunting practices control populations and provide vital support to local economies. Regulations are strict, and there are only specific locations and times when certain animals can be hunted. Tracking in the African bush with only your rifle and your wits is the dream of many, and Nduna Hunting Safaris will not disappoint you.

Whatever your choice, our meticulous, "Attention to Detail" policy is applied, ensuring that the wishes of our client are paramount in the planning of his or her individual Safari.

The reputation of Nduna Hunting Safaris for providing quality trophy hunts, specially tailored to the requirements of each and every client, is second to none and is respected throughout the industry.   As a result, our client is almost guaranteed the opportunity at those sought after trophies.   
Nduna Hunting Safaris offer thirty-five species of game animals, many of these speicies on Nduna land, so packages can be tailored to suit the most demanding of client requirements.

During your hunt, you will be accompanied by one of our friendly, knowledgeable and fully qualified Professional Hunters (P.H.).   Your P.H. will be dedicated to guiding you through a successful hunt, while ensuring your comfort and safety throughout your stay with Nduna Hunting Safaris.   Your P.H. will be pleased to assist you as he may.

Nduna Hunting Safaris has P.H.s qualified to hunt "The Big Five" (Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard) and other dangerous game.   Should this type of safari be the one for you, we will be happy to discuss selecting a package which is right for you.

Booking with Nduna Hunting Safaris, you can be assured that your time and effort will be expended in the chase and not in the planning of the hunt.  

Assistance in all aspects of preparation, including advice on bringing your personal rifles and ammunition for use on your hunt, is available and the necessary documentation package to obtain a temporary import permit for your rifle(s) on your arrival in South Africa, will be provided to you by Nduna Hunting Safaris associate company in the United Kingdom, Kingstone Deer Management Services.   Advice on suitable calibres and ammunition types is also available from both Nduna Hunting Safaris and Kingstone Deer Management Services.

Nduna Hunting Safaris and Kingstone Deer Management Services, are dedicated to the most strictly ethical hunting, the normal pattern of which is "Walk and Stalk".   Bow hunting is carried out in Still and Hide form.   Some species are baited and / or hunted with dogs.   Some excellent wing shooting is available on request.  

Notwithstanding the above, we are pleased to welcome clients with special requirements that are dictated by health or circumstance and we will make every effort to accommodate their hunt and ensure their stay with us is comfortable and enjoyable as well as safe.  

The Four Star (South African Tourist Board) NDUNA LODGE, decorated in rustic South African style, provides warm, comfortable accommodation with lots of bushveld atmosphere (Watch the Nyala wander past as you enjoy your sundowner on the veranda).  After the hunt and a relaxing hot shower, our well stocked bar provides a friendly venue for our guests, P.H.s and the Ingram family to enjoy hearing the tales of the day's hunt.  

Soon it will be time for the evening meal, when excellent food (and plenty of it), prepared by Nduna's U.K. trained Chef, accompanied by a wide selection of our fine South African wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks, is served.

Fishing Safaris are also available.   Try catching Yellowfish on fly tackle for your next piscatorial challenge!!   South African Waters are well known for producing some awesome fishing.

Non Hunting guests and families are very welcome.

Photographic Safaris are available, where every effort will be made to get you in a position for that perfect wildlife or flora photographic opportunity.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.   We will do our best to be of service. or call David on +44(0)7866-571180.

Packages Include:  

Meeting of clients at Port Elizabeth Airport
Transport to Nduna Lodge
Services of fully trained trackers, skinners and camp staff
Fully licensed, experienced Professional Hunters (P.H.) with well equipped hunting vehicles
All accommodation during the Safari
All catering, soft drinks and local (South African) alcoholic beverages
Field preparation of trophies (skinning and salting)
Local Hunting Licences
Daily Laundry Service
Return to Port Elizabeth Airport on completion of Safari
The personal attention of Nduna Hunting Safaris owner,
Gavin Ingram

Kingstone Deer Management Services will provide full assistance with the formalities involved in taking you own hunting rifles should you require it

Packages Exclude:

Hotel accommodation before and after the Safari
Aircraft Charter or car hire if required during the hunt
Exporting of trophies or other personal goods
All Cites Licence fees (For the hunting of any listed CITES 1 animal, it is the responsibility of the client to apply for permits to import the trophy into his or her own country of domicile before the Safari commences)
Rifle hire and ammunition (Ammunition will be charged at replacement cost)

Gratuities to P.H. and other staff



Package 1.  

1 x Cape Kudu, 1 x Impala, 1 x Warthog OR 1 x Blesbok.  Three Animals.   Three species.
6 Nights   £2200  1 X 1   £1990  2 x 1

Package 2.  

1 x Impala, 1 x Blesbok, 1 x Springbok, 1 x Cape Bushbuck,  1 x Mountain Reedbuck,
1 x Duiker. Six animals.   Six species. 8 Nights    £2980 1 x 1   £2680 2 x 1

Package 3.  

1 x Cape Kudu, 1 x Impala, 1 x Springbok, 1 x Blesbok, 1 x Mountain Reedbuck, 1 x Duiker,
1 x Warthog.  Seven animals.   Seven species.   8 Nights    £3430 1 X 1     £3180 2 x 1

Package 4.  

1 x Cape Kudu, 1 x Black Wildebeest OR 1 x Blue Wildebeest, 1 x Impala, 1 x Blesbok,
1 x Cape Bushbuck, 1 x Duiker, 1 x Mountain Reedbuck OR 1 x Warthog.       
Seven animals.   Seven species.  8 Nights    £3370 1 X 1     £3160 2 x 1

Package 5.  

1 x Cape Kudu, 1 x Gemsbok, 1 x Black Wildebeest OR 1 x Blue Wildebeest, 1 x Cape Bushbuck,
1 x Impala, 1 x Blesbok, 1 x Springbok, 1 x Duiker.         
Eight animals.   Eight species. 11 Nights    £4990 1 X 1    £4400 2 x 1

Package 6.  

1 x Cape Kudu OR 1 x Gemsbok, 1 x Nyala OR 1 x Waterbuck OR 1 x Eland, 1 x Black Wildebeest OR 1 x Blue Wildebeest, 1 x Burchell's Zebra, 1 x Impala, 1 x Blesbok, 1 x Cape Bushbuck,
1 x Duiker.  Eight animals.   Eight species.   11 Nights    £6300 1 X 1    £5900 2 x 1


Package 1.

1 x Trophy Cape Kudu, 1 x Trophy Impala, 1 x Trophy Springbok, 2 x Management Blesbok,
2 x Management Impala.  Seven animals.   Five species.   8 Nights    £3080 1 X 1     £2825  2 X 1

Package 2.

1 x Cape Kudu, 1 x Gemsbok, 1 x Impala, 1 x Black Wildebeest OR 1 x Blue Wildebeest OR
1 x Red Hartebeest, 1 x Cape Springbok,1 x Duiker, 2 x Management Warthogs,
2 x Management Blesbok. Ten animals.   Eight species.   11 Nights  £4595     1 x 1   £4595     2 x 1


Package 1. 

1 x Black Wildebeest, 3 x Impala, 3 x Blesbok   Seven animals.   Three species.   
6 Nights    £2050 1 X 1    £1890 2 x 1

Package 2.

1 x Cape Kudu, 1 x Black Wildebeest, 2 x Impala, 2 x Blesbok.  Six animals.   Four Species.
6 Nights    £2250 1 X 1    £1990 2 x 1

Package 3.

1 x Cape Kudu, 1 x Black Wildebeest, 1 x Impala, 1 x Blesbok, 1 x Springbok, 2 x Warthogs.       
Seven animals.   Six species.  7 Nights   £2390 1 X 1    £2220 2 x 1

Package 4.

1 x Eland, 1 x Cape Kudu, 1 x Black Wildebeest, 3 x Impala, 3 x Blesbok, 1 x Warthog.         
Ten animals.   Six species.  8 Nights   £3490 1 X 1     £3300 2 x 1

Package 5.

10 x Impala, 10 x Blesbok, 2 x Warthogs.  Twenty-two animals.  Three species.    
6 Nights   £3550 1 X 1     £3150 2 x 1

This package can be shared by two hunters at a cost of £4650

Bringing Your Own Rifle?   Full assistance with formalities can be provided
Depending upon Quarry Species, Suitable Calibres Are:
7mm Magnum
.300 Magnums
.340 Magnums





Trophy Price List.


Baboon £180
Blesbok £260    Cull £150
Blesbok White £390
Bontebok £750
Buffalo POR
Bushbuck £420
Bush Pig £420
Common Reedbuck £720
Duiker Common £180
Eland Cape £1400    Cull £650
Gemsbok £590
Grysbok £600
Hartebeest Red £590    Cull £350
Impala Common £260    Cull £150
Impala Black POR
Kudu £660    Cull £350
Klipspringer £720
Lechwe £1550
Lynx (Caracal) With Hounds £660
Mountain Reedbuck £240
Nyala £1400
Sable POR
Springbuck £200    Cull £140
Springbuck Black £300
Springbuck White £480
Steenbok £210
Vaal Rhebok £720
Warthog £260    Cull £140
Waterbuck £1400
Wildebeest Black £570    Cull £350
Wildebeest Blue £570    Cull £350
Zebra Burchell's £780
Big Five and Dangerous Game POR

Day Rates.
One Hunter to One PH. £250
Two Hunters to One PH. £220
Non Hunter. £110