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Airgun Training and Education Organisation

The Airgun Training and Education Organisation 


The ATEO was primarily set up to educate, train and promote all aspects of airgun shooting to the public by a small group of dedicated airgun shooters this has now grown with some dedicated coaches across the country.

Our mission is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to enjoy their chosen airgun sport, we believe this can be enhanced by having appropriate training without harm, or injury to persons or wildlife, or any detriment to the environment. This education needs to start at a early age to focus youngster to the dangers of misusing guns of all types and the laws and legislation that can be broken, so to this aim the ATEO as set up a schools program to help inform youngsters to the law and how the use of this equipment correctly can be a way to control some pest species  with out risk to other species that other methods can cause and how some of these pest species can be used to provide a organic and health food source.

Since it's inception the ATEO has become the preferred training provider of the BASC coaching award, developed professional training programs for the pest control professional delivering this training to local government councils and blue chip companies and corporate entertainment organisations.

The ATEO actively working with other organisations to raise the profile of airgun sports and the formation of clubs to encourage the safe use of airguns as recreational sport .




Jeremy Williams