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1982 the family engineering design and manufacturing company specialised within the hi-tech, electro-mechanical, automated equipment industry.

The design concepts nurtured by the Managing Director, Mike Bretton have been seen world-wide through his retention as a Technical Consultant to the popular Channel 4 TV programme 'Scrap Heap Challenge'.

In 1991, an interest and involvement in clay target shooting identified the need for a clay target launcher to bridge the gap between the two options then available, of either a simple hand trap or large 'Club' type launchers. Applying some of the principles developed in the company's industrial machines, Acorn designed a small, lightweight target launcher and since then these reliable traps have been sold in ever

increasing numbers world wide.

Acorn now focuses entirely on the design and production

of target launchers and has developed a new generation

of machines to cater for all aspects of the sport.






" I have owned and used ones of Mikes Acorn Traps for the

past 6 years, I am very pleased with its performance

in that time and would purchase again "


Shotun Coach and Owner of